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Changing Your World, One SNACK At A Time.

Snacking is something we all grew up with. But, more often than not, we are left feeling guilty about eating one too many snacks. We, at SnackRight, want to revolutionize the snacking industry. We want you to never feel guilty about snacking again.


That's why we are always vehemently cooking up the best flavoured nuts in our kitchen. We want to make it easier for you to make healthier choices - by creating healthy snacks that taste just as good as an indulgent one.


By snackers, for snackers - it's really addictive snacks, made healthy! When you ask our future generation what's their favourite snack, we want their answer to be (insert a healthy snack name). 


Take a bite and taste the difference with SnackRight. We walnut fail you!

By SnackRight Team

2 Girls with a Big Snack Dream

Meeting in college, we had huge aspirations coming out into the working world. We were going to dominate the scene with our Law & engineering background. But instead, we were mind-blown by the stress-eating that came together with workload. Chips and Soda were a common teatime feature.

We wanted this to change!

We wanted to make it easier for people to make healthier choices!

We wanted to bring to the table healthier options of snacks - that would taste as good as indulgent one!

We wanted to inspire everyone to live a better life, one snack at a time!

For us, it is about making time for our passion, and our vision. We stand for one mission - for everybody to SnackRight! Here's to changing the world, one snack at a time =)