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Joey Yap's Chinese Zodiac Reading


(1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)


Help is at every corner for Dogs in 2023; you would find yourself in favour of people who are wiser and better. So, open your arms wide to receive that love and support knock at your door. However, sometimes, you should be the one asking for help.  


The wealth margin is likely stable, especially if you manage your finances well. You would do well if you stick to the long game; shortcuts could mean trouble. Be wise when making investments, the risks and losses are not worth your time. In hindsight, growth is possible with your career. Use this time to learn and improve.


Love is in 2023’s air for Dogs. It is high time for you to get back in the game as your Peach Blossom is looking peachy. A word of advice, do an in-depth analysis before settling down. Till then, take care of your health and maintain a work-life balance. Eat and live healthily - balance is key.