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Christmas Happy Box (4 in 1) - Perfect for individual


Introducing Snackright's Happy Box – a delightful treat designed just for you! 🎁✨ Dive into a world of flavor crafted to bring joy to your moments. This thoughtfully curated box is perfect for a cozy night in, a personal celebration, or simply to treat yourself.

Inside, discover a symphony of delightful snacks, each carefully chosen to bring a smile to your face. From sweet indulgences to savory delights, the Happy Box is your personal ticket to a moment of happiness.

Treat yourself to the joy of discovering unique flavors and savoring the simplicity of a snack moment created just for you. Unbox happiness, one delightful bite at a time with Snackright's Happy Box. Because you deserve a taste of joy designed exclusively for you. 🌟🍿🎉

Inside the Happy Box : 

  • Chilli Lime Cashew 30g x 1 packet
  • Korean BBQ Almonds 30g x 1 packet
  • Honey Sesame Walnuts x 1 packet
  • Caramel Pecan 30g x 1 packet
  • Christmas Themed Giftbox
  • Christmas Card for your personalised message

For bulk order enquiries please contact info@snackright.sg or contact us here

Pre-Order now and we will get the Christmas Gift Box delivered after 8th of December. Specify the delivery date in the message note. Leave a note if there's any special message you want to include. 

Our founders Yen & Mel founded SnackRight to break the norms of the healthy snack industry. we believe that the healthy choice shouldn't be compromise on taste! 

We want to make it easier for you to make healthier choices - by creating healthy snacks that taste just as good as an indulgent one. We welcome you to come try our products for yourself here

We take pride in our craft and selection of high-quality ingredients and believe deeply in our process. We offer a guarantee on all of our products. Our team personally tries all of our snacks and swears by them. and we hope you do too!

• Freshly roasted

• Quality sourced ingredients

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

Christmas Happy Box (4 in 1) - Perfect for individual