THREE GREAT DRAGONS 大三元 Baked Multigrain Rice Cracker Series

Probability : 

1 in 3,744

This winning hand contains melds of the red 中 (zhōng, center), green 發 (fā, wealth) and the blue 白 (bái, white) 「中(Zhong)、發(Fa)、白(Bai)」

The Chinese character red 中 (紅中 hóng zhōng) connotes the Confucian virtue of benevolence or kindness. The Chinese character green 發 is part of a saying 發財 which translates roughly to getting rich but it also represents the virtue of sincerity. The Chinese character  (bái, white) represents ⽩板 (bái ban, white board) which symbolizes clarity, freedom from corruption, and the virtue of filial piety. 

The Three Great Dragons set features our brand new line of wholesome multigrain crackers in 3 different flavours  all baked using nutritious ingredients such as black soybean, adzuki bean, white sesame seed, black sesame seed, rice and quinoa. 

Send this gift set to your family & friends and bestow upon them the 3 virtues of Benevolence, Sincerity, and Filial Piety for Chinese New Year. 

What’s included in the giftbox:

  • Teriyaki Baked Multigrain Rice Cracker 120g
  • Tom Yum Baked Multigrain Rice Cracker 120g
  • Siracha Baked Multigrain Rice Cracker 70g
  • Chinese New Year Mahjong Themed 

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