SnackRight’s 2021 CNY campaign is inspired by a game that is quintessentially Chinese – the bonding game of mahjong. During CNY, members of your extended family will traditionally congregate at your grandparents’ house to play mahjong, and it is over this game that plenty of quality bonding occurs. ‘So, when getting married? When getting your first kid?’ 

Mahjong is a complex, compelling game that requires skill as well as luck. It teaches us many life lessons: strategy, negotiation, collaboration, cooperation, patience. Above all, mahjong brings people together, strengthens family ties, creates happy memories and enables us to have fun. Mahjong is the unspoken official game of CNY.

Customization is available! Mix & match any of our healthy snacks and we will pack them nicely into our CNY themed box without any additional charge! 
*Maximum 4 types of healthy snacks in a box!

Stand a chance to win a $8 vouchers & beautiful pineapple crystal from Bullarum @ Scott Square!


Step 1: Each gift set contains 1 mahjong tile. You are required to collect 1 set of THREE same mahjong tiles with anyone with the SNACKRIGHT gift set.

Step 2: As long as you can collect 3 same mahjong tiles with anyone eg. friends, families and colleagues, Each of you can redeem $8 vouchers from us and order on our website with no minimum order required.

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